Pilot Disability Insurance
Web app allowing pilots to quote disability insurance in one minute.

For public good, a pilot’s ability to fly and earn their living is contingent upon passing periodic FAA-regulated medical exams every 6 – 24 months, which can be failed for a variety of reasons, many of which are quite common. In partnership with AVIAA, a private aviation procurement company, we spoke with a number of pilots to understand their thoughts around their profession, lifestyle, earnings, and risks that they perceive in and around their life.

Our research found that most pilots were in good shape and even possessed a sense of invincibility, but when asked to describe how a temporarily loss of their ability to fly would affect them, they told a very mortal story of the financial hardship such a scenario would cause. This premise and several interview iterations with pilots from two different companies helped us iterate on our product and responsive web app. Their direct input drove the positioning of our value proposition, helped us understand how to emotionally connect with pilots, and helped us make a variety of UX improvements.

The result is our new responsive web app allowing pilots to learn about this niche disability product specifically for pilots and enabling them to get a policy quote in under a minute via a progressive disclosure web form that can be started from the main screen with just the pilot’s Name and Age.

  1. Home Page: Hero area with research-based emotional imagery and a simple input lead-in form requiring only a Name and Age input. The page continues on to provide basic information explaining the product as well as additional CTAs.
  2. Input Screen: Progressive disclosure input form that is simple to complete with most participants completing the form in under a minute in usability testing. Whether started from the home page lead-in form or otherwise, progress is communicated to the pilot to entice completion.
  3. Simplified Quote: Quote information is presented to the pilot in simple terms that each have contextual info icons available to offer additional explanations wherever needed by the customer. Major quote components are provided in a simple table view with additional explanations of what is covered and not covered explained in plain terminology under the table.
  4. FAQs, Terminology, Scenarios: This additional information page provides product education to help fill the gap between pilots and their typical lack of knowledge about this product. Besides FAQs, there are term definition for terms used within the web app and within the actual policy documents.  There are also three scenarios to help pilots conceptualize product value.